Valilo, recreation center (Novoselytsia village)
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Valilo, recreation center (Novoselytsia village)

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adress: Novoselytsia village

Valilo - a place near Novoselytsya village about which everyone knows.
Two big wooden tubs, clean river water which falls in tubs. Water beats against the walls and tubs. The effect is impressive: massage have miraculous power. You can treat: patients legs, back and stomach muscles strengthen. To get a good result should be treated comprehensively. First go to the vats, where you can relax in the hot therapeutic water, and then feel the effect of cold river water.

Chan - a cast iron pot, which is filled with water and mineral salt sources. Chan filled with medical water (mineral or brine) vats heated with wood.  With these baths can heal any wounds, regain movement, relieve joint pain. The body, as in the fairy tale, completely rejuvenated, felt a surge of strength and energy.

Currently "Valilo" - a tourist base in the Novoselytsia village of Tyachiv district, Transcarpathian region. Here Czechs, Swiss, Hungarians, Romanians and our countrymen are regular customers. Here is a restaurant, wooden houses, two hotels, a large number of convenient pavilions, barbecue, two saunas (one with a pool), plunged from the famous wooden barrels, vats of brine and therapeutic hydrogen sulfide mineral water. There is a swimming pool for children, table tennis, foosball, billiards. Those who want to drink beer have the opportunity to visit the coffee bar and sit on a lovely terrace. 

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