Mint's castle (Kvasy village)
Berehove district Castle

Mint's castle (Kvasy village)

Kvasy village

Kvasy Castle - feudal castle XII-XIII centuries. Built in the Romanesque style, was on the trade route from Maramorosh in Zadunav'ya. Situated in the Kvasovo village of Beregovo Transcarpathian region. 

Description Bela Lukacs in 1889:

The first floor is fully preserved, windows, metal grating, the roof is covered with shingles, and the well was carved with the date "1794".
Walls built of rude stone interspersed with bricks. The building survived in ruins. The castle is a small triangle in terms of strengthening - the castle courtyard, surrounded on all sides by stone walls (reached 6 meters high and had a thickness of 1.3 m), with a round tower-Donjon (12 m diameter, wall thickness above 2 m). In the eastern corner of the castle was a deep well, punched in the rocks. By assumption, researchers, the oldest part of the complex was a dungeon.


Berehove district

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