The Berehove local history museum
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The Berehove local history museum

1, Habora Batlena st., Berehove city

Not far from the Cathedral of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross is the former estate of Count Bethlen Gabor. Today the walls of the castle owned by the museum Beregovo. The best place for the museum was hard to find. Bethlen Palace is the oldest building of the city. Museum exhibition materials occupy 4 large hall of the palace. Despite the large area here is quite easy to navigate. Exposure are presented in chronological order, allowing you to explore the history of the region from ancient times to the present. It is noteworthy that the museum Beregovo - one of the few in which the remains of the mammoth lived in the Carpathian region. They are presented in the first room, next to the instruments of labor Paleolithic times. The second hall tells about the life of peoples living in the Carpathian region. Here are the old oil mill, loom, the first irons, which were widely used in the area. The greatest interest among visitors are pocket scales that can weigh as 5 kg, so 1 ton. The third exhibition hall is almost entirely devoted to the events of World War II. Preserved under glass exposition personal letters and military clothing, as well as important public documents of the time. Last hall introduces the visual arts of the region. The high walls of the hall kept creations of artists of Ukraine and Austria. A special place is occupied by 35 paintings by J. Guarani - Beredovo painter. Curiously, the archives of institutions are constantly replenished. Every year, city residents send their personal, sometimes rare things in the local museum.




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