Turiansky dvir, chan (Turia Poliana village)
Perechyn district

Turiansky dvir, chan (Turia Poliana village)

tell: +38 (099) 444 1014

web site: turdvir.com.ua

adress: Turia Poliana village

Private Estate "Turyanskyi Dvir"

We are pleased to welcome you in our cozy little corner of paradise, which is located in Karpatians, 50 km from city Uzhgorod, Perechyn district, Turya Polyana village. Here you can forget about all your worries and enjoy unforgettable outdoor recreation.

Come visit us:

To breathe fresh air

swim in a mountain lake

Sweating in Perechyn vats

ride around the neighborhood for interesting excursions by special transport

To fish

Fry kebabs

Go hunting

Rest, rest and more time to relax!

At your service:

Cottages with rooms for 4 - 10 persons, luxury, semi luxury, standard and economy;

restaurant "U Petrovicha" with the Karpathian and Hungarian dishes from natural products of our farm, a lakeside terrace for 40 persons, barbecue and fish menu;

Famous Perechyn treatment tanks with pure mountain water, Carpathian herbs and various additional secret engredients will give you an unforgettable relaxation. At the open air you can boil in a large cast-iron vat, the water in which is heated to the temperature by the fire to 70 degrees Celsius, after which, at any season of the year you can plunge into the lake and it will be unforgettable feeling.

Our concept "Mountains energy" is:

«AEROTHERAPY" - the clean air of the Carpathians,

«HYDROTHERAPY" - natural water is in every tap of the complex, the sound of falling water flowing from the lake, swimming in vats and in the lake.

«PHYTOTHERAPHY" - treatment of herbs and bee products, herbal tea and vats of natural grass of the Carpathians, as well as many other amenities ...

Next to us are:

Waterfall "Vojvodina" - one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Karpatians, hydrological monument, located in a remote place in the state park

Trout Farm "Shipit". 6-10km

popular resort "Solnechnoe Zakarpatie" with Polyana Svalyava mineral water sources '' of Hot '' and '' of kvasova ''. 17km.

The sanatorium "Polyana". 20km.

Ski "Medvezkha" 23km.

«Lumshory" spa resort, unique vats of hydrogen sulfide in the water

Ski "Krasiya." 50km.

Mukachevo castle "Palanok" 50km.

Perechyn district

Perechyn district