The Church of St. Nicholas (Sokirnitsa village)
Khust district Church

The Church of St. Nicholas (Sokirnitsa village)

Sokirnitsa village

Svyatonikolaevsky temple is situated in the village of Sokirnitsa that Khust district Transcarpathian region. The official name of the church - the Church of St. Nicholas. The structure is one of the oldest temples in the Transcarpathian territory. Church was built in the 17th century. With the construction of the temple have been used only natural materials, in particular - a tree. The church has a rectangular compact form. In its exterior design is dominated by dark and gray shades. According to some sources, was originally the church was built in the village Shashvar. In 1770 it was moved to Sokirnitsu and completely renovated. Was also added quite a tall tower in the shape of a pyramid, built next to it the bell tower. The walls of the temple is decorated with a collection of crosses made ​​of wood. To our times as iconostasis, which was established back in 1748. Church of St. Nicholas is a masterpiece of architecture Pseudo - maramoroshskoy Gothic. And today she pleases locals, attracts many tourists not only from Ukraine, but also in other countries.


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