Waterfall Horodyliv (Iza village)
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Waterfall Horodyliv (Iza village)

Iza village

On the outskirts of the city Hust , near the village of Iza, hiding a beautiful waterfall Gorodiliv. He originates at the junction of the mountains Rorond-Tete and Ileana and spewing their streams from a height of 4 meters. The beauty of the picture is that the stones due to prolonged exposure to water, covered with green moss and the base of the waterfall remains red.   See the waterfall can be from the observation platform located above it. But people who have been there, it is advised to go down and take a photo from the bottom, as the opening thus view the waterfall looks very impressive. Walking through the natural reserves to the waterfall does not take much time and will bring a lot of pleasant emotions. Is There   can be found in the Red Book spotted salamander   and enjoy the view of many small waterfalls, sit on the picturesque lawns, photographed at a spring and a snack in the gazebo near the stream itself. Going on a trip, you should grab a solid waterproof shoes.


Khust district

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