Buffalo farm (Vertep village)
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Buffalo farm (Vertep village)

Vertep village

Carpathian buffalo - a special breed: buffalo have a long soft wool, long steep horns, weight - 700-900 kg, live to 45-55 years old, have a high immunity.

Entrepreneur and enthusiast Mykhailo Hintsiak has started his fight to save the population of these large mammals (Carpathian buffalos) at his own backyard. Today there are 14 of them, but Mykhailo Hintsiak doesn't consider this number to be enough. He's decided to gather alike enthusiasts to create a public organization, bring the issue to the state level, prove economic benefits of keeping buffalos to farmers, and promote extremely healthy for the human body buffalo milk products, as well as to make buffalos one of the tourist attractions of Zakarpattia. These powerful animals are very calm and balanced; they can stand still for a long time, staring at human faces. Their big eyes and shiny, dark gray, wet nose attract a lot of attention and make them absolutely lovable. 


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