Hamor, smithy-museum (Lysychevo village)
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Hamor, smithy-museum (Lysychevo village)

Centralna St., Lysychevo village

The existing forge – a unique monument smith craft, originality is that for moving heavy sledge during manufacture of iron products for agricultural purposes using the power of falling water from the river Lisichanka. According to this principle are blacksmiths here and now.
Forge built in the early nineteenth century. On the river dam was built for the accumulation of water in the reservoir. By offtake water directed at the blade wheels smithy, which resulted in the movement blacksmith hammers weighing up to 125 kg. Under their blows metal ingots turned into blanks for shovels, hoes, plows, etc. details. Once four hammers serving 16 masters, who were able to excavate but unpretentious implements of peasants and parts for metal figure fence, metal beds and other products that were at that time a great demand not only in land but also far beyond.
Smithy was practically without interruption until the Soviet collectivization. Now there is a museum.

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