The Turul monument (Dovhe village)
Irshava district Monument

The Turul monument (Dovhe village)

Dovhe village

The monument was installed in 1908 in honor of the first battle of Rakoczy (Kurucz). The bird on a pedestal, Turul, is a symbol of "the finding of motherland by Hungarian people". You can read about Transcarpathian Turuls in the relevant article.

The presence of such a combination of memorable elements is unique in nature. A Soviet soldier is a direct enemy of the Hungarians, because they were considered "Hungarian fascist invaders". The Hungarians hated the "red hordes" and tried to protect themselves from them by building the infamous Line of Arpad. Soviets - enemies of Religion, but a monument to the Virgin Mary is exactly opposite of the warrior-liberator. 


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