Valentin&Valentina Shtefanyo, confectionery house (Uzhgorod)
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Valentin&Valentina Shtefanyo, confectionery house (Uzhgorod)

tell: +38 (03122) 2-84-16 ; (093) 845-90-99

tell: +38 (095) 704-33-02 ; (067) 312-22-99

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adress: 7 a, Mozhayskogo St., Uzhgorod city

Confectionery House «Valentin & Valentina SHTEFANYO» in the Uzhgorod city. We present all the trends in the world of confectionary art. Love fantasy and knowledge is a key priority for us! That France is one of the first places in the world of pastry arts. French pastry has always been perfect for us. Carefully studied their traditions, we have designed for you a wide range of confectionery products, are fundamentally different from the others as appearance, taste and quality.

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