Bondarenko, confectionery house (Mukachevo)
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Bondarenko, confectionery house (Mukachevo)

tell: +38 (03131) 3-85-56

tell: +38 (095) 755-98-98

fax: +38 3 8556

adress: 11, Dostoyevskoho St., Mukachevo city

Confectionery House "Bondarenko" offers sweet delights on order= caramel, chocolate, sponge cake. In the decoration is also used Italian marzipan. Festive cakes - from classical to glamor; Wedding Cakes - restrained from classic to unique exclusivity; Corporate cakes; Cake for a birthday, anniversary, newborn; Baby cakes; Cake housewarming; Shaped Cakes; Copyright cakes; Portion cakes and pastries; Exclusive pastries. Our culinary compositions produced by the latest technology, the production uses only natural ingredients, all components are certified.

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