Bunker Shtayera (Kolochava village)
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Bunker Shtayera (Kolochava village)

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Unique Museum "Bunker Shtayera" in Kolochava stands among one feature - it is completely dug out of the ground. The goal was to create a bunker displaying living conditions kolochavskyh dissidents. 
History Museum "Bunker Shtayera" 
Striking example of the struggle for independence in Transcarpathia is a group of young men led by Michael Shtayerom. In 1949 begins active kolochavskyh group of young men who express opposition to Soviet rule. To continue target young people fled into the forest, where he eventually constructing a residence. Later they were joined by the local community. Thanks to a successful disguise during 10 years of independence fighters remained at large. Leader possessed extraordinary intelligence and good intuition, repeatedly helped avoid the pitfalls of the Soviet NKVD. Such kryyivok kolochavtsi built a few. Placing homes in the mountains far impossible tracking insurgents Soviet fishers. In the secret places of the men experienced winter, barely leaving the shelter. The front door was perfectly camouflaged with branches of leaves. 
Feature Building Museum 
The bunker is dug hole in the ground, the height of 2.5 meters and width - 1.5 meters. As advocated chimney fires. Sewerage was the stream that flowed through all kept. Separately, there was a small fountain of water and food cooked underground on burzhuytsi


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