Museum of narrow-gauge railway Kolochavskaya
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Museum of narrow-gauge railway Kolochavskaya

Kolochava village

The original museum called "narrow-gauge railway Kolochavskaya" is in Mizhgirya district Transcarpathian region. It got its name from the name of the village in which located. The museum is the only one of its kind on the entire territory of Transcarpathia. Guides always with great pleasure that acquaint visitors with the history of the railways of Ukraine. In addition, everyone has the opportunity to ride on this railway. Its railway history beginning in the late 19th century. The first train was launched in 1861. Its route from Przemysl in Lviv . Over time, the railway line has grown, began to appear new directions. Among the exhibits "Kolochavskoy narrow gauge" is now listed old steam locomotive, 10 wagons, wagon woodcutter I. Chusu and few functioning narrow-gauge railway. The legendary steam locomotive was brought to the museum from Germany in 1951. Each of his car - a mirror of historical epochs Ukraine.


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