Shipot waterfall
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Shipot waterfall

Pylypets village

Not far from the railway station Volovets (about 10km) in the Transcarpathian region Mezhyhirsk area, is popular with tourists Shipot waterfall.

Every year there is celebrated the feast of Midsummer named «Ivan Kupala», and since 1993 there is an annual festival for hippies, and which brings together representatives of the other informal subcultures.

The total height of the waterfall is 14 meters, and its glittering cascades enchant all, who visit it.

Of course, this place can not remain without legends that can be heard in the whisper of water. 

Everyone, who wants to hear many interesting legends the wisdom of the owner of the Sun and the Moon, wich live in the waterfall Shipot, we invite you to our tours in Ukraine.


Mizhgirya area

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