Rehabilitation Center for brown bears (national park “Synevyr”)
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Rehabilitation Center for brown bears (national park “Synevyr”)

National park “Synevyr”

Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center "Synevir" is located in the Transcarpathian region. It is the only center of this kind in Ukraine. This brought the bears, which mistreated the previous owners. Bears learn to adapt to the natural conditions of life. This place will impress any tourist and will not leave anyone indifferent.

History Center

The construction of a rehabilitation center brown bear began in 2011. To create a specially allocated certain funds. Rehabilitation Center of brown bears "Synevir" - a large, clean an area of 12 hectares. It is surrounded by a fence that is under stress. National Park "Synevir" not by chance become a place for the construction of such a center. Nature and climatic conditions fully meet the living conditions needed by brown bears. In the center was built a few cages and sections for living individuals of different type and nature. Tourists watch the animals through a specially set nets and fences.

Caring Animal Center

At the Center for Rehabilitation of brown bear are professional veterinarians. Workers create all conditions for the early development of the bears and their adaptation to the environment. Vets made a healthy diet and a normalized animals, which is designed individually for each bear. At the moment, the center is home to more than a dozen animals. Tourists are not allowed to feed the animals. Interesting Facts One of the bears came from the circus. He trained a horrible way: bear paws smeared with Vaseline and threw it on the hot iron. Thus, he had to learn to "dance". The kind of learning that something went wrong and the movement became nervous, uncontrollable. So he was sent to the center. Some bears still have old habits. So, you can see bears, performing various tricks. The park has a shield with pictures of bears living here with information about them, including the name, age and weight. So, there is fencing for small cubs.


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