National Park “Synevyr”
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National Park “Synevyr”

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The establishment of the national park “Synevyr” is connected to the unique in its beautiful mountain lakes of the title tune Synevyr. To preserve this natural creation in 1974 was organized landscape reserve of national importance “Synevir lake”, and in 1989 was created national park “Synevyr” which took custody of a number of other natural objects of Tereblyansk upper valley of intermountain district of Transcarpathian region.

The unique nature of the Carpathian Mountains lies in its uniqueness and aesthetic values of a number of objects, including lakes Synevyr and Ozirtse, wetlands Gluhania and Zamshatka, mountains Strymba and Nehrovets. Also there are picturesque landscapes, babbling streams, wild waterfalls, evergreen forests - everything like magnetic power attracts travelers not only from Ukraine but also from around the world.

Area Park “Synevyr” is 43 hectares. In the park there are 53 plant species and 43 animal species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. A particular challenge for the Park “Synevyr” as protected structures was the preservation of natural, historical and cultural complexes and objects and to create conditions for organized tourism, recreation and other outdoor activities in vivo of adherence of natural systems.


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