Borzhavska, mineral water (sanatorium Borzhava)
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Borzhavska, mineral water (sanatorium Borzhava)

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adress: 15, Sichovyh Strilciv St., Dovge village

The main profile of the patients in the rehabilitation sanatorium "Borzhava" - a spa treatment. It uses 5 kinds of mineral waters that have different mineral and chemical composition, and, accordingly, therapeutic properties. That is what allows us to consider the sanatorium Transcarpathia among the best.

Treatment of the complex is not only because of the healing properties of water. Sanatorium "Borzhava" - is one of the few multi-resorts, which are used not only in the water drinking modes, but also use it for baths, showers, and many other water activities.

In addition, the whole range of treatments includes diagnosis, general and individual lessons in the pool (swimming, aqua-gymnastics), as well as special food, which also can vary based on the individual requirements of each patient.

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