Luzhanska, mineral water (Solochyn village)
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Luzhanska, mineral water (Solochyn village)

adress: Solochyn village

The mineral waters in Solochyn are good for treating: chronic diseases of the digestive system; liver and gallbladder, diabetes; metabolism dysfunctions; respiratory and cardiovascular problems; diseases of the central and periphery nervous systems.

This village is located in a highly picturesque place surrounded by scenic mountains.

Solochyn offers 15 mineral water sources, most of which are located at the village’s edge.

One of the sources, at the foot of Tesanyk Mount, has excellent medicinal properties but does not smell or taste too good because of the high content of sulfur and hydrogen. Some people pinch their noses when they drink it — but it works!

Mostly, for medical treatment purposes, hydrocarbonate-sodium mineral waters used are: Luzhanska-4, Luzhanska-7, and Polyana Kvasova.

Solochyn is a place which is attractive at any time of the year — mountain hikes, mushroom hunting, mountain skiing are on the agenda in addition to mineral water treatment.

Herbal tea is a local specialty.

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