Polyana,  mineral water (Polyana village)
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Polyana, mineral water (Polyana village)

adress: Polyana village

The mineral waters in Polyana are good for treating: digestive system; stomach ulcers; liver and gallstones; spine, joints and muscle diseases.

The village of Polyana is located in a valley surrounded by forested mountain ridges and the beauty of the location enhances the effects of medical treatment.

The two main attractions of Polyana are its mineral waters, Polyana Kvasova and Polyana Kupel which are good for dealing with the abnormal acidity of the stomach and for purging all sorts of obnoxious substances from the body.

The oldest accommodation and treatment center in Polyana is 130 years old.

Besides medical treatment, Polyana offers mountain skiing facilities.

Those who like mushroom hunting and gathering will find Polyana in spring an ideal place to go to.

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