Mineral water in Soymy village
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Mineral water in Soymy village

adress: Soymy village

Soymynske deposit of mineral water - one of the most in Transcarpathia. For geochemical origin of these waters belong to the chloride-hydrocarbon water. Healing properties of mineral water "Soimy" primarily due to the high mineral content, particularly calcium and magnesium. Yes, 1 liter of water contains as much calcium as milk 2 cups. With this amount of calcium (up to 500-800 mg / l), magnesium (100 mg / L), which corresponds to half the daily needs of the human body, this mineral water provides recovery of deficits in disorders of mineral metabolism. Calcium ions causing anti-inflammatory effect, reduce the penetration of cell membranes, reduce bleeding. Mineral water is effective in diseases involving iron deficiency, chronic endogenous and exogenous intoxication.

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