Shayanska, mineral water (Velyatino village)
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Shayanska, mineral water (Velyatino village)

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Natural curative factor  is carbonic hydrocarbonate sodium mineral water deposits Shayanska "Shayanska number 4, № 242" for drinking cures and baths. On the content of hydrocarbons "Shayanska" priblizhaet- smiling to the mineral water "Borjomi" (Georgia) and "Vichy-Seleston" (France), however, It belongs to the type of mineral water Dilijan (Armenia) on the content of methane silicic acid. The closest analogues of mineral water - "Dilijan" (Armenia) "Prince Milos" (Serbia), "bags" (Poland), water resorts Biel-Tusnad (Romania) "Evian-les-Bains" (France). 
Indications for treatment: 
- Diseases of the stomach with low, normal and elevated secretion, ezofagity reflux; 
- Gastric and duodenal ulcers, gastritis postgastrorezektsionnye acidity;
- The hall-and pankreatostaza; 
- Chronic pancreatitis; 
- Hepatitis; 
- Gepatozy; 
- Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus;
- Bowel dysfunction; 
- Uric acid diathesis; 
- Chronic intoxication. 

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