Under Lovachkoyu, celtic house  (Mukachevo city)
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Under Lovachkoyu, celtic house (Mukachevo city)

1, Pidlovachna St., Mukachevo city 9:00-20:30

The history of the Celts, who lived on the territory of Transcarpathia More than 2 thousand years ago, at the foot of the mountains and Halish Lovachka have equipped their settlement Celts (Oppidum). According to historians, it was the largest in the territory of modern Ukraine. Lived here are mostly craftsmen, which supports a large number of iron tools that archaeologists have found. On settlement of the enemy attacked suddenly, and therefore ceased to exist, it almost instantly. Now the mountain, if you search well, you can find entries in the man-made cave, where he lived the Celts. If you want to try something tasty and "Celtic flavor," then at the foot of the mountain, you will find ethno mansion "Celtic yard". Here you will be treated to ale, honey beer, and delicious Celtic sbiten dishes.


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