Monument to chimney sweep (Mukachevo city)
Mukachevo district Monument

Monument to chimney sweep (Mukachevo city)

Mukachevo city

Wonderful and soulful monument to a chimney sweep from which emanates a mile kindness and warmth was installed in the center of Mukachevo in 2010. The uuthor sculpture I. Brovdi placed it on the pavement next to the town fountain near the House of Culture. In sculpture of a contented man locals immediately recognized the their favorite Bertolon Toft, and they name the sculpture "Bertolon-Bachi" (roughly translated as "Bertolon - happy chimney sweep"). He was a child and still works in one of the city’s Housing offices. 

The monument shows us a chimney sweep inspecting the roofs of the nearby houses; he wears professional equipment; at Toft’s feet is his faithful cat of the tail pipe, inspecting the roof like his host. 

The inhabitants of Transcarpathia much respected chimney sweeps and consider them real sorcerers! They believe that touching the button of a chimney sweep jacket will bring happiness to human. And you see him on the street you can make a wish that will come true. It is interesting that in Europe the profession is in high esteem so far and many cities got monuments to a chimney sweep, depicting them (as a rule) climbing stairs or balancing on the roof.


Mukachevo district

Monument Mukachevo district