Skakalo, waterfall (Chinadievo village)
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Skakalo, waterfall (Chinadievo village)

Chinadievo village

Waterfall "Skakalo" is located near the village Chinadievo (3.5 km) of the Transcarpathian region. Multi-level water cascade formed hundreds of years ago. Its playful name he received for the unusual ability to "bounce" on the rocks at each stroke of water. Through continuous mountain stream waterfall is saturated stable natural pressure. On the way the recession of water enters a large rock, flowing and which formed a waterfall of three constituent streams. According to confirmed reports, this place was once a volcano, as evidenced by the rocks beneath the waterfall and on both its sides. JUMPING located in the tract Lower Grabovische, which is full of wild forest of herbs and centuries-old trees. To get to the waterfall paved hiking trails or through tips to local residents, long accustomed to visitors due to the high popularity of the beautiful waterfall. Fans can visit the beautiful sights another picturesque waterfall is steep, formed in Perechyn district, Transcarpathian region.


Mukachevo district

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