Barry Barr's Irish Pub & Bar, (Mukachevo)
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Barry Barr's Irish Pub & Bar, (Mukachevo)

tell: +38 (3131) 5-45-57

work time: Monday-Thursday: from 10.00 to 23.00; Friday-Sunday: 10:00 to 02:00

adress: 235, Jaroslav Mudry St., Mukachevo city

In the "Barry Barr's" pub unique and cozy interior with a bunch of witty and interesting details.

Snacks for beer: assorted gourmet beer, basturma, Bavarian sausages, cheese plate, toast with garlic, fried cheese sticks, pig ears, grilled squid, shrimp in Irish sauce.

Hot meals with beer, pork ribs from Barry, mix sausage grilled, chicken wings in Irish sause, beer mix.

In the "Barry Barr's" pub regularly play various inflammatory bands and artists. To do this, on the second floor is scene . 

In addition, in the pub is very comfortable to watch football or formula, in different rooms set 7 screens that operate independently.

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