Waterfalls in Lumshory
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Waterfalls in Lumshory

Mountain village Lumshory in Perechyn district, Transcarpathian region, has long been known as a spa resort. Lumshory mineral springs have been used for health improving since the 17th century.

Today, bathing in the Old Tub is a tradition among vacationers. Another popular attraction of the Carpathian region are falls of the Turychka River. Along with five major waterfalls – Partyzan, Burkach, Solovey, Perestupen and Krutylo, many small falls may be found upstream of the mountain river. Each of them is unique in its form and beauty.

Lumshory Waterfalls are one of reasons, why tourists come to this secluded corner of the Carpathian wildlife.


Perechyn district

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