Vojvodina waterfall
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Vojvodina waterfall

This pond really deserves a special mention. It is justly called the most beautiful in the Carpathians, or rather, on the territory of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Like any natural wonder, this waterfall is also located in a difficult to traverse the place, and near it, about 12 kilometers, is the village called Tera glade.
The waterfall carries its waters on the territory of the local reserve, the Falcons of the Rock. Most often, where a lot of branches and fallen trees, which, however, do not spoil its beauty, Vojvodina still lovely. Not far from the waterfall there is a large number of mountain lakes where you can go fishing and even spearfishing, and this will help shop Zamisto where You can find the right gear and harpoon guns prices that will pleasantly surprise You.
Due to the fact that the reserves are trying not to disrupt the flow of natural processes, this beautiful waterfall has managed to keep practical in its original form. By the way, the name of the waterfall Vojvodina stands for "howl howl-rolled", which in turn means, howling water. Many historians and historians believe that the waterfall was formed as a result of the earthquake in those places, which brought a crack in the mountain. As a result, to this day, through it from a height of 9 meters the water flow subsides, or rather, two threads, forming a forest lake.
To get close to Vojvodina is quite difficult. But it's worth it, because before my eyes opened untouched natural reservoir, which in its beauty is not inferior to other famous local waterfall Shipot. Therefore, aspire here lovers of active leisure, forests and natural wonders. True hunt in this pond you do not succeed, so it is better to select for this purpose a lake or the sea. By the way, harpoon guns pictures you can find on the website of the online store, as well as on all other equipment. In addition, visiting the Vojvodina, it is possible to see other local places of natural. A waterfall flows near the mineral spring. After about 200 meters from the waterfall 15 metres from the road you can see how from under the earth sticks out paurava pipe. This is the mineral source. As you can see, the rusty pipe is just a stub once drilled well.
What is remarkable about this source? Words can not describe, is to see the wildness and feel the smell of hydrogen sulfide, which reigns around. Despite this, mineral water is very useful, though not entirely pleasant taste. And after visiting the waterfall and fountain, you can walk, the views are simply stunning. Just down the road is specially equipped gazebo for relaxing, near which a full-fledged spring. And as he eats, and a mineral spring, the water here is both tasty and healthy.


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