Mineral waters (Lumshory village)
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Mineral waters (Lumshory village)

Lumshory village

The special value of this small mountain Lumshory village is a mineral water. It should also recall the presence of radon in sources.
Vats in Lumshory - about a dozen of ancient antiques - to date. Hydrotherapy is practiced here since the XVII century.

The whole procedure is as follows: You go to a wooden koliba, only without the roof. In the middle stands a cast iron tub filled with mineral water. Its is heated over an open fire. In the tank are a few stones.
You seat and resourceful Hutsul puts more focus on firewood and cooking you on low heat. How do you feel that boils the blood (do not worry, the water is actually warmed not more than 45 ° C), jump! A few steps - an icy mountain stream, you run in the stream- and quickly back into the vat.
And summer and winter procedure is in the open.


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