Runa mountain valley
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Runa mountain valley

Climbing up the mountain Rivna — meadow Runa is the largest mountain valley all the Carpathians. It is a huge amount plateau area of ​​1100 hectares. It lies between the rivers Latoritsa and Uzh(Danube basin). Stretches in the northwestern part of mountains meadow is nearly 15 km. The highest point is a mount Rivna — 1482 m. It consists of sandstone. Gentle slopes covered with bushes of blueberries, cranberries, lichens and stunted pine. With a height of 1200-1250 m starting bilousnykovi fields used for pasture. At the top you will find remains of former military object — radar station remote monitoring. There is also a memorable stele In honor of members of the partisan movement during World War II. On the array is a reserve of national importance named Sokolov Rocks. It is a protected area of ​​beech forest, which is a place of settlement of many species of birds. Here are found predatory birds, which are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine: the golden eagle, eagle owl, peregrine falcon, eagle, eagle-tailed dwarf, sychyk-colored and others.
At the top you will have a transcarpathian treat and a glass of mulled wine.


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