УкраїнаUkraine - a country in Eastern Europe. The population on the basis of the 2001 census, was 48,240,902 permanent residents and 48,457,102 people population, according to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine on September 1, 2015 - 42,636,094 permanent residents and 42,805,731 people population, territory under the constitutional structure of the country - 603,549 km [20], while part of its authority Ukraine de facto not controlled. It occupies 32 th place in the world by population, 44 (47) -x the territory and the second after Russia in the territory of Europe.

Capital - Kyiv. Official language - Ukrainian; Russian widespread.

Ukraine - a unitary state and parliamentary-presidential republic. June 8, 2014 took the presidency Petro Poroshenko. Prime Minister of Ukraine - Yatsenyuk (from 27 February 2014). The country is divided into 27 administrative units, 24 of which are areas of the 1 - and 2 autonomous republic are the state of the city submission (Kyiv, Sevastopol).

It shares borders with Belarus in the north, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary - to the west, Romania and Moldova - in the south-west, Russia to the east and northeast. In the south and southeast by the Black and Azov Seas.