Hutsul Chan (Yasinia village)
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Hutsul Chan (Yasinia village)

Yasinia village

Rest in Transcarpathia - it`s always a lot of pleasant experiences. Clean air, beautiful nature, hospitable smiling people. And the opportunity to combine business with pleasure. All this applies to channomu complex in Yasin. Hutsul chan is at the entrance to the village of Yassin by Yaremchi on the shore of a mountain river Lazeshchyna. Many of us remember a children`s fairy tale "The Humpbacked Horse", the protagonist is plunged into boiling water of life and came out a young, healthy and beautiful. Visiting Hutsul chan, you begin to realize that something magic in a fairy tale, and some of its facts are taken from life.

Channy complex Yasin - is not just a vacation, but a real medical procedure that improves overall health. Those who have been here, agree that the spa procedures helps to strengthen the immune system, improve the cardiovascular system, promotes treatment of the musculoskeletal system and a positive effect on the nervous system. Those who are injured, come here to recover. Many women who care about their appearance, like swimming in a vat of Hutsul that the skin after the procedure becomes elastic, as well as reducing the amount of fatty tissue. in Transcarpathia there are many places where you can swim in a vat. For example, the famous Chan Lumshory .


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