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Rakhiv city

Rakhiv city

Rakhiv - most high-altitude city in Ukraine. On all sides surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. From north Gorgan coming from the west - Svydovets from the northeast - Montenegrin Mountains and the south - Rakhovsky mountains. 
Administrative information 
Rakhiv is a district center in the Transcarpathian region. 
Located at an altitude of 430 meters above sea level. 
The population in 2011 was 15,140 people. 
Postal code: 90600. 
Phone code: 03132. 
Origin city name 
On passing the name Rakhiv there are several legends. One of them is related to opryshky who figured in the city of gold taken from the rich and distributing it to poor families. In another version, the area stopped and told the merchants profit. Under the third option, the name comes from the name Pax. He was the owner of one of the estates in the city. 
City history
Rakhiv is considered the founding date of 1447, but the first written mention dates from the year 910. The first inhabitants of the settlement were hutsuly, engaged in hunting, sheep, rybatstvom, bees. In the 13th century in Transcarpathia retreated into Hungary because Hungarian population dominated by feudal lords. In times of domination in these lands of Austria-Hungary`s population supplemented by German colonists. During this period, built railways and to Rakhov Yasin, who began work in August 1895. A year later, the city acquires the status of the district center and is designed Marmoroskoho comitat. In the early 20th century was created and adopted the emblem Rakhov. The symbol of print became head of a deer, turned into heraldic side. In 1918, residents of the town began the struggle for liberation and accession to the territory of the Ukrainian people. But next year, Rachel was occupied by Romanian troops. In 1920 the city became part of Czechoslovakia. In 1945, the city of Rahim, along with all Transcarpathia, was occupied by the Red Army and became part of the USSR.

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