Mountain Bliznitsa
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Mountain Bliznitsa

Mountain Bliznitsa is in Rakhiv region Transcarpathian region. Its top is fixed on the arrays Svidovtsa, which is part of the Ukrainian Carpathians. It has lots of mountains and volcanic formations that have become reserves and geological reserve of national importance.

Bliznitsa Bliznitsa or (more common and the exact name of the mountain) is located in the eastern part of the array. This system consists of two mountains, which are similar in shape and height of vegetation. It is due to the similarity was given a resounding name. Sometimes local mountain Blizhnitsa name that is associated with the dialectical feature Transcarpathian dialects.

The highest point is Bliznitsa mark in 1883 meters above sea level. Face of the mountain is ideal for hiking trails and interesting routes. The base and its first 1000-1400 meters - dense beech and coniferous forests inhabited by wild animals of different species. Anything above these heights - a typical Transcarpathian Polonyna consisting of limestone, sandstone, mountain herbs.

Nearby you can explore the unusual mountain bald head, located in the same area in the tract Dragobrat.


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