Breskul lake
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Breskul lake

One of the "transcendental" lakes Montenegrin array Ukrainian Carpathians - Lake Breskul, is located at an altitude of 1750 m in the south-western slope of the mountain Breskul in Rakhiv region Transcarpathian region.
Its shape it resembles a giant handprint, once touched the mountain range just at the beginnings of the Prut River. 
Despite its relatively small - a length of 37 meters - the size, it`s probably the most famous lake Carpathian Montenegro. Since it involves a lot of mysteries and legends. They say that a stone thrown into its crystal clear water, raises a storm, and his dark muddy bottom of the real live devils. And if the waters of the lake to soak Smereka, then it will turn out the best Trembita, whose sound can be heard more than 10 kilometers. 
And with the very name, like the name of the mountain of the same name - is not so simple. Locals believe that it comes from the Hutsul word that means "swollen or swollen" and conforms to the shape of such a dome tops. By the way, there are plenty of peaks with a similar dome shape. However, this name, as well as many other titles of the Ukrainian Carpathians - Brebenskul , Ladeskul, Kuratul is consistent with the ancient Euro-Asian language groups, such as the Turkic and Sanskrit. For example, a Sanskrit phrase like that may well mean "active, destructive slope." And Turkic language of the ancient Mongol invaders of the land - "brotherly lake." 
Like most of the Carpathian lakes - Breskul of glacial origin and is fueled by natural rainfall, slowly decreasing in size. The slopes of the valley and mountains around the lake are covered with a dense carpet of alpine herbs. Overall impression of the surrounding panorama magnified exceptionally clean, the intoxicating air and mountain peaks piercing the clouds.


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