Nesamovyte lake
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Nesamovyte lake

slopes of mount Turku

Nesamovyte lake this Carpathian lake is situated on a large plateau on the northeastern slopes of mount Turkul on a height of 1750 meters. The slightly arched form of the lake repeats the outline of the windy southeastern slope. The length of the lake is 88 meters, the width – 45 meters and the area is 3.500 square meters. The southern bank is stony: boulders from the rocky slope have over the centuries have dented the moraine, the layer of breed that the glacier tramped to the lake. Along the opposite bank, the moraine is covered with sub-alpine flora. Here grow mainly pine-trees and junipers. From this bank, the lake in recent years displays an intensive overgrowth of sedge – people leave garbage on the bank or throw it into the water, what helps aquatic plants to grow. On the southern side the bottom is covered with huge flat boulders, on the northern side overweighs a grey soil. The depth of the lake generally lies between 1- 1,5 meters. The lake is supplied with water from sources under the moraine layer. The lake is fed by rain and melting snow.

That is a short description of Lake Furious, which in Ukrainian is called “nesamovyte”.


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