Chalet - BANOSH by Zolota Gora
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Chalet - BANOSH by Zolota Gora

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work time: 8:00 - 23:00

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adress: Tract "Gold Mountain", Uzhgorod, 89425

Welcome to the world of Transcarpathia delicious!

Welcome to the restaurant "Banosh"! Our cozy restaurant with a delicious name Transcarpathian "Banosh" in honor of the main traditional Transcarpathian dishes. Why Carpathian? Because it is ours and it is the best! Why banosh? Because, without the traditional map of tasty dishes Transcarpathia can not exist. Therefore, please visit our world and the best traditions of the Carpathian delicious!

According to legend, the name "banosh" dishes comes from the name of the owner, who himself prepared for the first time this mess. Serve it with bacon, cheese or mushrooms and cook over a fire. Earlier this dish was considered a food of the poor, because every home has always been corn grits and cream. Now, this dish is the hallmark of Transcarpathian cuisine and the main course of our institution.

"Banosh" restaurant can simultaneously mark up to 60 people. We suggest you traditional Transcarpathian breakfasts, lunches, dinners and suppers, as well as the organization of corporate and family celebrations, business meetings and banquets, children's parties and a family visit.

Transcarpathian dishes to suit all tastes! Our menu has everything, even something you've never tried ... We have everything your heart desires, and even more! For these fans and strong domestic liqueurs have their resting place - in our "Banosh".

Various homemade brandy and liqueurs, delicious snacks and hot meals.

The interior of the restaurant "Banosh" combines all the elements of a cozy and comfortable style chalet. Wood, stone, cozy white curtains, soft warm light, as well as original decorations - candles, hand modeling and ceramics made by Transcarpathian masters. All this brings the best feelings that arise when you take for the distinguished guest.

Complementing our interior fireplace adds comfort and creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere, so that you can enjoy delicious and refined cuisine of the Carpathian.

In "banosh" you will discover a world of delicious Transcarpathian traditions for - a new way. Our chalet is not quite the traditional Transcarpathian bulb, is a fresh look at the old, good traditions.

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