Barskij maetok, restaurant (Uzhgorod)
Uzhgorod district Restaurant

Barskij maetok, restaurant (Uzhgorod)

tell: +38 (099) 531-72-28

work time: 10:00 - 24:00

web site:

adress: 5, Obizdna St., Uzhgorod city

In the menu:
pork in hot sauce
beef stroganoff
fried trout
cabbage soup with smoked ribs
homemade sausage
pelmeni and dumplings of own production
great barbecue, and many more amazing, really lordly dishes

Soft sofa, starched tablecloth, vodka in a misted decanter and notable appetizers, great conversationalist, soft music played by instrumental ensemble - perfect start of the evening, or completion of a hard work week. One of the main components of quality rest, and also an important element of the lordly life - it's good-quality cuisine, by which our restaurant is famous. Maybe you will not find in our menu some exotic or obscure dishes, but our chefs never left our guests hungry or dissatisfied. Master and mistress, and also their little young master, certainly will find their favorite dish here.

The hall of our restaurant is two-stored. Spacious ground floor will amaze you with it`s swank and glitter woven draperies, curtains and huge chandeliers, and at the the second floor you can feel yourself more solitarily, drowned in the arms of a leather sofa.

Big group will feel great in a separate hall, that can accommodate a hundred guests for festive tableful, weddings, anniversaries or corporate event. Here it is possible to dance and sing at the karaoke bar.

Uzhgorod district

Restaurant Uzhgorod district