Olymp, restaurant (Uzhgorod)
Uzhgorod district Restaurant

Olymp, restaurant (Uzhgorod)

tell: +38 (0312) 64-08-78

web site: hotel-olymp.com

adress: 4, Glesena St., Uzhgorod city

The “Olymp” Restaurant is situated not far from the Uzhhorod’s downtown, near the Uzh river, and is a place for connoisseurs of European, Ukrainian and Transcarpathian foods. The restaurant is designed in a single style of the entire hotel – elegant classics and true luxury. You are given opportunity to have a time of Your life in a relaxed atmosphere, enjoying live music.

The new restaurant’s kitchen combines traditional recipes of Ukrainian, Transcarpathian and European meals and a daring improvisation by our chef. Restaurant’s elegant menu will let the gourmets experience a unique pleasure. While visiting the “Olymp” Restaurant You may enter an atmosphere of seas and oceans, relax and taste a great variety of meals, presented to You by the bosom of the sea. We’d like to direct Your attention to meals with a slight smoke scent. They won’t leave any meat gourmet or health foods lover indifferent and will make Your dinner unforgettable. Grill will become garnish’s special appeal and a king of exclusive meals. And our restaurant’s well-wishing staff will take care of Your comfort.

The “Olymp” Restaurant is the best place for a romantic dinner, business meetings and holidays.

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