Zirka, restaurant (Mukachevo)
Mukachevo district Restaurant

Zirka, restaurant (Mukachevo)

tell: +38 (03131) 31-0-31

web site: https://star-hotel.phnr.com

adress: 10-12, Mira sq., Mukachevo city

The best city "Zirka" Restaurant is an authentic feature nook with a variety of traditional European and Transcarpathian dishes. It offers three halls - the Great Hall, the Banquet Room and a summer terrace.

Being the best restaurant in the city, "Zirka" attracts both inveterate gourmets and real gluttons.

Unique identity of the Restaurant meals impresses every tourist since each of them is imbued with motives of a variety of regions surrounding the Carpathian Mountains from the four corners of the earth.

Enjoy the Hungarian bograch, taste and remember the homemade Ukrainian borshch with a sort of fritter - pampushki, or discover completely new dishes dining at the Great Hall of the "Zirka" Restaurant.

Arrange a celebration in the best traditions of the Slavic hospitality, treating your guests with national delicacies at the Banquet Room, or spend your time enjoying the stunning design of outdoor patio where you can feast your eyes upon the starry sky staying among blossoming flower beds by a warm summer night.

The spacious rooms still keeping the old estate spirit and luxury, elegant French Art Nouveau style interior, fine cuisine and excellent service - everything together allows the guest's enjoying the festive atmosphere of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and feeling aristocracy of the time.

Hotel's own brewery is, beyond all doubt, its special pride where a brand live beer with its unique taste is brewed following classic recipes! Always fresh and cool Star beer is a real gem for fanciers of this intoxicating beverage at any time of the year.

Immerse yourself into the enchanting atmosphere of the Transcarpathians right in the hotel dropping at the "Zirka" Restaurant, a restaurant which has become a tradition!

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