Korchma Pidkova, tavern (Perechyn)
Perechyn district Cafe

Korchma Pidkova, tavern (Perechyn)

tell: +38 (03145) 2-31-45

tell: +38 (050) 188-36-03

web site: korchma-pidkova.com

adress: 3, Mayakovskogo St., Perechyn city

Tavern is located near the center of Perechyn - restaurant "Korchma Pidkova" has become a favorite spot of locals as well as visitors to the region. We, as in a large pot mixed tastes and aromas of Ukrainian, Polish, Hungarian, Slovak and Jewish dishes. Created in the "Korchma Pidkova" a variety of vegetable and meat salads and homemade pickles, cold and hot appetizers, a lot of meat, fish, our specialties and traditional Transcarpathian kremzlyky, gurka, homemade sausages, pies, bograch, trout, banosh - everyone will find something to please yourself. A barbecue, ribs, baked potato.

Perechyn district

Cafe Perechyn district