Karpaty, sanatorium (Karpaty)
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Karpaty, sanatorium (Karpaty)

Contact person: Victoria Kostrub

tell: +38 (03131) 7-33-07

fax: +38 (03131) 4-99-16

web site: sankarpaty.com

adress: Karpaty village

Location: sanatorium "Karpaty" is located in the Karpaty village - a resort area in the valley Latorica river.

Description: 9-storey building for 500 people. All rooms are equipped with modern furniture, refrigerator, TV, radio; internal telephone, city and intercity communication; is satellite TV and internal TV studio. Provision of hot and cold water - around the clock. 

Meals: in the dining room of resort.

Services: club, dining, medical building, swimming pool and gym. 


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