Kvitka polonyny, sanatorium (Solochyn)
Svalyava district Sanatorium

Kvitka polonyny, sanatorium (Solochyn)

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fax: +38 (03133) 3-23-16, (03133) 3-23-39

web site: kvitkapolonyny.com

adress: Solochyn village

Location: sanatorium  is  located  in  a  picturesque place  on  the  bank  of  the Pyna  River (a  tributary  of  the  Latoritsia) at  a  height  of  280 m above  sea  level  surrounded  with  the  Alpine  grasslands  from  the  north  and  the  east.

Description: the  visitors  have  at  their  disposal  single  and  double  rooms  with  different  levels  of  comfort (from  usual  one-room  to  three-room  deluxe  suites )  in  the  building  of  the  «Kvitka  Polonyny»  and  «Suziria».
10  hectares  of  the  territory  around  the  health-resort  establishment  are  well-appointed. Some  valuable  and  exotic  even  for  the  generous  Carpathians  species  of  foliage  and  coniferous  tress, blossoming  and  decorative  bushes, beds  and  original  sculptural  forms, mini-lakes  with  water  lilies, cosy  summer-houses  and  benches  for  a  rest  have  become  a  decoration  of  the  sanatorium  arboretum.

Services: in  the  territory  of  the  sanatorium  there  are  two  artificial  lakes  in  which  fishing-lovers  can  catch  carp  or  grass carp. Here  there  is  equipped  dance  pavilion  and  sports  ground, a  special   playground  for  children.  In  the  sanatorium  there  are  covered  swimming  pools  for  adults  and  children,  with  artificial  fountains, massagers, hot  whirlpools.

In  winter  there  are  ski depots, a  sledge  track  for  children, a  skating  rink  here.
Soon  an  integral  entertainment  complex  with  a  bowling  alley, billiards, a  shooting  gallery, a  fitness  room, bars, a  disco  club,a  conference  hall  etc.  will function  in  the  elegant  building  of  the  «Suziria».

The  «Kvitka  polonyny»  includes  a wide  range  of  indications  for  treatment: from  gastroenterologic  diseases  to  diseases  of  kidneys  and  a  urinary  system, dysbolism, and  also  disturbances  in  locomotor, peripheric  nervous, cardiovascular  systems  etc. A  new  medical  building  of  the  sanatorium  is  equipped  with  the  state-of-the-art  medical  apparatus. Here  it  is  possible  to  carry  out  diagnostics  and  take  over  30  medical-improving  procedures.

The  Plemkontsentr  Scientific  Production  Association (over  50 horses  of  Huzul  breed)  functions  under  the  sanatorium. Thus  the  visitors  have  an  opportunity  to  ride  or  to  make  a  trip  in  a  light  carriage  set  with  horses  along  the  elegant  avenues  of  the  sanatorium. The  system  of  hippotherapy-treatment  with  the  help  of  horses  and  riding  has  been  developed  in  the  recreational  establishment. Skilled  instructor  trainers  teach  the  visitors  how  to  ride  fast  horses.

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