Maliatko, sanatorium (Onokivci)
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Maliatko, sanatorium (Onokivci)

tell: +38 (050) 655-76-61

tell: +38 (096) 587-69-93

fax: +38 (0312) 739-799, (0312) 739-636

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adress: 1, Golovna St., Onokivtsi village

Location: children's sanatorium "Maliatko" is located in the Onokivtsi village in Uzhhorod district.

Description: sanatorium "Maliatko" is a specialized children's institution that provides third stage of rehabilitation of children with nonspecific bronchopulmonary diseases. The resort has 80 beds for rehabilitation of children Transcarpathian region has the highest accreditation category and first attestation category as children's institution of rehabilitation and recreation sanatorium.

In the resort taking children from 3 to 11 years.


• medication;

• diet therapy;

• Climatotherapy;

• The use of physical factors;

• rehabilitation of chronic foci of infection;

All the abovementioned is provided in a sanatorium physiotherapy, massage, dental and Otolaryngology rooms, with a cabinet of functional diagnostics, clinical laboratory.

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