Sonyachna dolyna, pension (Polyana)
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Sonyachna dolyna, pension (Polyana)

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adress: 10, Kurortna St., Polyana village

Location:  Medical-Diagnostic Center (MDC) «Sonyachna Dolyna» is located in the zone of the balneologic/spa resort «Sonyachne Zakarpttya». This is 11 km away from Svalyava, Transcarpathian region, in the valley of the V.Pynya river (basin of Latoritsa) between volcanic and Polonynsky ridges of the Ukrainian Carpathians, at an altitude of 340 m above the sea level, in the natural area Tihiy (Quiet) in the heart of the Carpathian forests. Ecologically clean area, the splendid forest air and the healing mineral water «Polyana Kvasova» creates excellent conditions for recreation, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

Food: proves to be no less important factor. For efficient treatment, a special menu is devised. The main diet is No.5, which is used to treat liver and gallbladder. Therefore, the dishes are cooked by special technology and with professional equipment so that to reduce the fat content. We also use the diet No.9 at the treatment of diabetes, as well as for patients suffering obesity and overweight. The qualified doctors prescribe everyone, having a rest, the personal diet. In addition, the nutritionist at the dining room will help to define a personal menu. Frequency of meals depends on the disease and on the diet prescribed by the attending physician; thus it may be three or five times a day. However, food here is not only useful but also very tasty. In the resort`s bar one can order (for additional fee) freshly squeezed fruit juices, desserts, natural coffee and cakes.

Treatment: in the course of functioning of the treatment and diagnostic center «Sonyachna Dolyna», hundreds of people underwent an examination and treatment complex. For dozens of them many different diseases were promptly detected and prevented. However, not only bodily, but also spiritual health was improved and supported for thousands of people, who took a treatment course in «Sonyachna Dolyna». During a relatively short period of «Sonyachna Dolyna» functioning, it was on numerous occasions awarded with diplomas of village, district and regional administrations.

For the day, «Sonyachna Dolyna» keeps on pleasing its guests with comfort and professional approach of the staff to their work.

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