Teplicya, sanatorium (Vynohradiv)
Vynohradiv district Sanatorium

Teplicya, sanatorium (Vynohradiv)

tell: +38 (03143) 2-55-91

tell: +38 (094) 918-47-01

web site: teplyca.com.ua

adress: 265 a, Kopanska St., Vynohradiv city

Stay in the sanatorium "Greenhouse" is a wonderful opportunity to visit one of the most picturesque corners of the Carpathians, to feel the healing properties of mountain air, mineral and thermal water. Among all resorts of Ukraine, in the sanatorium "Greenhouse" best available recreation programs and unique offers treatment waters. Our resort is located in a delightful corner of the Carpathians, at the foot of the Black mountains, covered with vineyards, on the outskirts of the city Vinogradov. This area is considered the warmest and most environmentally friendly in Transcarpathia. The Carpathian mountains that surround Vinogradov, shelter it from cold winds, so it is always hot in the summer, warm and pleasant autumn, and mild short winters.


  • 9 summer bungalows with two double rooms, shared shower, bathroom, porch, category "economy».
  • 2 three-storey buildings with single and double rooms of different categories (with balconies - views of the resort and the Black mountain. Without balconies - views of beech-hornbeam forest).

Food for people:

In the dining room, designed for simultaneous servicing 160 people, organized four meals. Guests are offered a wide range of meals as a dietary menu, and national Transcarpathian cuisine. At every meal the choice of holidaymakers – 2-3 types of appetizers, salads, first and second dishes, drinks. In the diet – fish, meat, dairy products, juices, vegetables, fruits.

Sanatorium "Greenhouse" specializes in the treatment of diseases:

the musculoskeletal system;

gastrointestinal tract;

cardiovascular system;

peripheral nervous system;

diseases of the endocrine system;

diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Vynohradiv district

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