Trout Farm (Vovchy village)
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Trout Farm (Vovchy village)

Vovchy village

Trout Farm is located in the Transcarpathian region in the Vovchy village. The village itself is situated at the foot of Mount Stand that has a height of 1677 m above sea level. Economy settle close to the downtown area Svaliava . This area is considered one of the cleanest in the whole of Ukraine. TheVovchy village - a resort destination. Needless trout farm also caters for comfort and accommodation of tourists. It offers four- and two-storey houses with a total capacity of 32 people. Also at the base of a restaurant and 18 ponds, inhabited by trout. Anyone can catch it, but keep records, then you cook it in the restaurant. It is worth noting that the cost of trout already includes the cost of preparing the fish itself. The pond is strictly prohibited to catch your fishing rods and tackle, as well reproductive ponds. Not welcome and deflation back into the pond already caught fish. Since trout - fish mountain, the water in the reservoirs of cold enough. Besides trout fishing you also have the opportunity to ride a quad bike, hunt for wild birds or just go into the woods or up into the mountains. In any case, holiday will be unforgettable.


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