Museum of the salt mines (Solotvyno village)
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Museum of the salt mines (Solotvyno village)

Solotvyno village

Museum of the History of the salt mines in Solotvyno acquaints visitors with the origin, history and development of the salt pans in the Carpathian region, as well as methods of salt mining in this area in different historical epochs. The museum is located next to the Solotvinskiy pit, which is considered one of the largest in Europe. Next to the museum is still preserved a huge crater, called by the people "hell hole", looking into that, you can see the salt deposits. The exposition of the museum located in the former administrative building of salt mines, introduces visitors   solekopov with tools, a variety of lanterns and torches, personal belongings and clothes of the miners, a variety of engineering structures, maps, photographs and documents. Thanks to salt mining village Solotvino became famous in the Middle Ages. It is difficult to imagine that this craft is beginning to develop in the days when these lands were part of the Roman Empire. It was in the 1st century BC. Solotvino guests who came here on holiday, it will be interesting to meet consigned to the past professions, ancient way of life and the unique atmosphere of the Transcarpathian village. The museum exhibits will take visitors to many hundreds of years ago.


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