Sriberna Zemlia Museum (Hrushovo village)
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Sriberna Zemlia Museum (Hrushovo village)

2, Prukordona St., Hrushovo village

Sriberna Zemlia Museum is a vivid example of how in our rapidly changing times the culture of our ancesters is being preserved and enriched due to the sheer enthusiasm of one man. The museum occupies three rooms where there is an ample collection of display units grouped into 12 thematic sections. Among dispays there are 65 folios on religious theme and the manuscript of the Gospels written in the XVIIIth century, ancient chalice, an icon that belongs to Zakarpattia school of painting, the first Ukrainian hryvnias, rare stamps of many countries. Besides there are kept more than 200 samples of clothes, mostly Hutsulian, 250 homespun towels, spinning looms with reels, a great number of household goods (tubs, jars, painted plates, berbenychky). Further more while attending the museum you will be able to admire the canvas exhibition of Zakarpattian painter Tegza V.V. who is the owner of the museum. The artist’s paintings present still lives depicting ancient items of household, cult monuments (wooden chapels) and native landscapes.


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