The Greek Catholic Cathedral
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The Greek Catholic Cathedral

At the beginning of the Kapitulna Street, where the Castle Hill meets the city, stretches one of the best architectural ensembles of Uzhhorod - the Greek Catholic Cathedral and the former residence of the Mukachevo bishops, which have become the hallmark of the city on the river Uzh long ago. No view of the city goes without the images of the temple and residence.

In 1640 the owner of the city Janis X Drugeth decided to move to Uzhhorod the Jesuits from Humenne (Slovakia) and issued the order about transferring the Jesuit Collegium to Uzhgorod. He was very generous and bought the land for the Collegium for his own expense and supplied them with everything necessary for their living. This year started the building of the Collegium. The construction works ended in 1646.

The entire complex included the Collegium, a school and a church. They were rebuilt several times due to different reasons. In November 1773, the Pope Clement XIV dissolved the Order of Jesuits, and they left Uzhhorod. Finally, in 1775 the church was transmitted to the Mukachevo Greek Catholic episcopate. At the suggestion of the palace architect F.Hillebranda the church was soon turned into a cathedral. The restructuring and adapting to the needs of the Greek catholic ceremonial lasted several years and were completed in 1779. The church was decorated with a beautiful iconostasis. Maria Theresa presented bishop Andrew Bachinsky expensive clothes and religious articles.

A significant renovation of the interior was carried out in 1858 by bishop Vasyl Popovych. The walls were decorated with marble arabesques and the iconostasis was also renovated. An important role in the renewal was played by Ferdinand Vydra who was the teacher of the famous transcarpathian artist Ignaty Roshkovych (1854-1915). Radical external changes of the cathedral were accomplished by bishop Ivan Pastely. This renovation presented the Cathedral in its present look. Later in 1939, the Cathedral ceiling was decorated with murals by Joseph Bokshay .< p>

After the World War II, when the persecution of the Greek Catholic Church started, the Cathedral was transmitted to the Orthodox Church. It was returned to the possession of the Greek Catholic Church only in 1991 when Ukraine became Independent.


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