Goryanskaya rotunda (Uzhgorod city)
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Goryanskaya rotunda (Uzhgorod city)

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Goryanskaya rotunda, or as it is called - the Church of St. Anne, located in a picturesque area of ​​Transcarpathia - Uzhgorod. It is located on one of the majestic hills district of grief, not far from the ruins of an aristocratic palace of the Middle Ages. The history of the emergence of the rotunda and its age is still not known. Rotonda has a rounded shape and tend to be small in size. Goryanskaya Rotunda - a unique creation zodchestva.Hram is shaped hexagon, the walls of which reach 2.5 meters in thickness. According to studies, the structure was built in 10-11 centuries in the heyday of the Roman-Byzantine culture. This is confirmed by the materials that were used in the construction of the church. According to the architectural data, it has no analogues in Ukraine. Most similar to her only two in the world and they are on the territory of Hungary.


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